Motorcycles 1960s

When these photos were taken I was only 8 or 9 years old but I can clearly remember all the bikes gathering on the market place. Im sure it must have been these people that got me interested in motorcycles.

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Fig.1 Codnor Market Late 1960s

Left to Right

Brenand Slater Norton 650 Dominator

Eric Longdon BSA 650 A10

Dave Henson BSA 650 A10

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Fig.2 Codnor Market late 1960s. Note field over the road were the car park is now situated. The bikers left to right are Beno BSA 250 C15, Aden Langton Honda 125ss, Tony Morris Royal Enfield 250 GT Continental with Dave Dooley on the back, Brenand Slater Triumph 500 Tiger 100A, Eric Longdon BSA 650 A10, Dave Henson BSA 650 A10

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Fig.3 Late 1960s left to right

Les Robinson,

Brenand Slater Norton 650 Dominator as it was when he first bought it,

Dave Henson and Eric  Longdon.

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Fig.4 In front of the recreation ground late 1960s, names left to right, back row: Brenard Slater,Les Robinson,Tony Morris,Dave Dooley

Front row: Eric Longdon,Bernard Owen,Dave Henson,Gary Hunt,Frank Nichols

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Fig.5 Girls 1960s

Names left to right

Wendy Bramley,

Julie Gale,

Myra Marr,

Marilyn Macdonald

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Fig.6 Entrance to Codnor recreation ground late 1960s. Names left to right Back row: Mira Marr,Dave Henson,Brenand Slater,Dave Dulley. Front row: Marilyn Macdonald,Ian Statham,Moth,Paul Fowlkes,Eric Slator.

The council had been tipping behind the swings for several years to create the higher level football pitch as it is today. The sign shows the tip is now closed. Also note the WW2 A.R.P. Shed and post, which held the air-raid siren. We all new the shed as the "Rockers Shed"as the council allowed the bikers to use it as a club house. After it was demolished during the 1970s, the siren was moved next to the new brick changing rooms. It was still tested every week even into the early 1990s.

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Fig.7 Paul Butley on his neat looking Triumph 500 cafe racer. late 1960s

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Fig.8 Brenand Slater on his Norton Dominator after cosmetic rebuild. late 1960s


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