Jessop Street School

Fig.1 Plan view of Jessop Street School 1909 

Fig.2 Jessop Street School prior to its demolition in the late 1970s.
Displayed with kind permission of Heanor & District Local History Society

Fig.3 Jessop Street School pupils 1912. Fred Bostock identified on back row.
Displayed courtesy of Carol Henshaw. 

Fig.4 Jessop Street School pupils 1919. information required for this picture
Displayed with kind permission of The Ripley & Heanor News 

Fig.5 Jessop Street School pupils circa 1920.
Back row Left to Right: F Bull, N Underwood, ?,?, W Wightman, R Chalands, E Compton, M Bailey, Foulkes, Drabble.
Third Row: H Asher, L Murfin, D Gillot, Parkin, George Wightman, Gladys Sim, L Severn, Gillot, Watson, Foukes, Cooper.
Second Row: ?,?,?, E Asher, D Thorpe, ?,?,?, Gillot, Longdon, E Walters, L Haynes.
Front Row: A Bull, ?,?, B Bull, V Underwood, ?, Thorpe, ?, Murfin, Murfin, ?,?

Displayed Courtesy Gill Hall

Fig.6 Jessop Street School pupils 1961
Standing Left to Right: Diane Coupe, Angela Day, Avis Wood (dark hair), Tanya Ujenko(Blonde), Carol Slater, Pamela Whitehead, Gillian Asher (Red ribbon), Beverley Harrison (White collar), ?,?, Sheila Marshall (Pink ribbon), Janis Blythe, June Gill, Christine Wright, Maralyn Fowkes, Pamala Hill, Lynette Large, Christine Layton.
Kneeling Left to Right: Fay Barlow, Diane Musson, Catherine Savage, Sybil Fowkes,Helen Edwards, Carol Robinson, Hazel Curzon, Susan Hibbert, Linda Jaques.              Many thanks to Sybil Needham for this picture


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