Whitegates School

The Codnor Central Council School was erected in 1912 and had a capacity for 320 boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 14 years. Its Headmaster Mr Colin B. Wood who had moved up from Mill lane School, can be seen in the following photos as late as 1932.

The school later became known as Codnor Secondary Modern School up until its closure in 1964. It was then renovated and reopened as Codnor Whitegates Junior School.

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Fig.1 Whitegates School (bottom playground) 1928. The only pupils I know on this photo are,  Back row 5th from left is Walter Sharp and front row 1st on left Albert Sharp. Mr Colin B Wood Headmaster. Many thanks to Karen Eley for supplying this photograph.
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Fig.2 Whitegates School (bottom playground) 1928. Mr Colin B Wood Headmaster. Information needed for this photo

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Fig.3 Whitegates School (middle playground) 1928

The board being held by the girl on front row reads, "Codnor 1928" then in the lefthand bottom corner "E90" , possibly C2I in the middle and in the bottom righthand corner "1" dont know what these mean?? Mr Colin B Wood Headmaster.

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Fig.4 Whitegates School (middle playground) 1928

The little girl to the left of the girl holding the board is Elaine Halston of 56 Glasshouse Hill, Codnor, born 14 June 1919. The board reads, "Codnor 1928" then in the left-hand bottom corner "E90" and in the bottom right-hand corner "4" dont know what these mean?

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Fig.5 Whitegates pupils 1932/33 I have very little info on this picture other than Head Master on right is Mr Colin B Wood, teacher on left is Miss Janet Walker.
Third row: left to right ?, Howard leek, Ray Woolis, Eddie Knight?
Front row: Ralph Eyre, Jack Kemp.
Displayed with kind permission of Heanor & District Local History Society

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Fig.6 Whitegates pupils 1963-64. Thanks to Gill Hall for this photo
Back Row: John Searson, Neil Oates, Brenand Slater, ?, Peter Todd, Malcolm Dooley, ?,?,?, Peter Wardby, Neil Millhouse, ?
3rd Row: Vivien Brian, Colin Eyre, John?, Melvin Marlow, Phillip Owen,?, Dave Henson, ?, Peter Grainger, ?Wain, Kenny Painter, John Polfreman, Frank Nicholls, Les Robinson.
2nd Row: ?,?,?, Janet Barber, Pamela Sharp, ?,?, ?Harrison, ?, Margeret Ratcliffe, Wendy Birks, ?,?
Ist Row: ?, Lyn Hewson, Jill Long, ?, Ann Nicholls, ?Turner, Lynn?, Beryl Fowkes, ?, Barbera Underwood, ?, Christine Potter, ?, ?Thompson, Pamela Musson, Carol Moore, ?.

Fig.7 Whitegates pupils 1963-64. Thanks to Gill Hall for this photo
Back Row Left to Right:Paul Palmer, Paul Tyler, Norman Wright, Rob Farmer, Ross Bunting, Nigel Phillips, Alan Pye, ?Green, Alan Weston, Alwyn Pilgrim, Kev Wodsworth, Brian Thorley, David Taylor.
3rd Row: Alan Housley, Raymond Bradley, Alan Gillot, Dennis Robinson, Stuart Oldfield, Paul Tissington, David Stanway, Micheal Howe, Kevin (Danny) Parkin, Graham Case, Geoff Broughton, David Woodward, Richard Joyce, John Bryan, David Rigley, Steven Berridge, David Cox, Phillip Crofts.
2nd Row: ?, Wendy Martin, Jennifer Brown, Christine Davenport, Susan Elliot, Hilary Foulds, Susan Simms, ?,?,Jean Anthony,?,?,?
Front Row: ?, ?, ?, Swift, Jennifer Wharley, ?, Karen Amott, Susan?, Ann Jenkins, ?, ?Asher.

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Fig.8 Staff of Codnor Secondary Modern School prior to its closing in 1964. Back row: left to right Walter Cullen, John Turner, David Lamb, Ray Weston, Geoff Smith, Don Lamb, Peter Firth,
Front row: Sylvia Swain, Janet Pickering (nee Walker), Kathleen Mills, Mrs Brown, Margaret percival with her daughter Julia.

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Fig.9 Ist Years 1968. Pupils
Back Row Left to Right
Stephen Bennet, ?, Paul Slater, Ian Fowler, Victor Godber, Michael Haynes, Paul Taylor, David Haynes, ?, Stephen Page, Peter Woolley, Steven Redfern, ?.
Middle Row Left to Right
David Wood, David Slater, Steven Gillet, Glynn Wiggin, Dilys Ludlum, Simone Hartshorn, Lyn Bonus, Sandra Buxton, Denise Broughton, ?, Catherine Jaques, Vicky Gee, Jayne Durose, Ivan Murfin, ?, Micheal Spriggs, Tony Simpson.
Front Row Left to Right
?, Yvonne Slater, Denise Bacon, Linda Harrison, Sandra Stanway, Carol Hennel, Julie Rouse, ?, Sharon Balyicki,
Teacher on the left Miss Grainger, Mr Gregson Head Master on the right.  If you can help with any of the pupils names please let me know.

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Fig.10 Class 4 1968. 
Back row left to right  Mr Gregson (headmaster), John Thompson, Patrick Tissington, Robert Wakefield, John Hall, Arthur West, Gary Whitworth, Trevor Bradley, John Ludlam, Clive Buxton, Ian Hall, Kevin Ludlam, Michael Lanyon, Melvin Birks, Philip Hargreaves, Mr John Grace (teacher)
Middle row John Wilson, Lynne Hackett, Fiona Stevenson, Ann Supeljack, Carolyn Bamford, Julie Walters, Christine Allsop, Yvonne Foulds, Anne Dooley, Pamela Nicholls, Eileen Mosley, Joy Mellor, Pamela Broughton, Stephen Shipman, Desmond Powdrill
Front row Anita Woodward, Audrey Stanway, Gillian Osborne, Julie Smith, Vivian Hallam, Jean Balcerak, Sharon Wood, Carolyn Holmes, Shani Bailey

Many Thanks to Carolyn Gallagher (nee Holmes)for all the names.
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Fig.11 1968 Back row left to right: Miss Turner, Stephen Key, Gary Burton, Joseph Shardlow, Robert Kettel, Andrew Heathcote, Neil Evans, Paul Hardwick, Steven Harrison, Mitchel Wheatcroft, Jonathan Land, Andrew Perkins, Colin Wilson, David Holmes, Mr Gregson.
Middle row: Joyce Brailsford, Michelle Hawkins, Julie Baker, Angela Wilson, Sheila Thorpe,  Lorraine Hickling, Patsy Nash, Bernadine Mould, Susan Ann Tomlinson, Linda Ratcliffe, Kay Thorpe, Pamela Ryde, Leslie Fowler, Julie Longdon, Susan Aulton.
Seated: Jackie Nicholls, Catherine Hall, Trina Nicholls, Pauline Green, Jayne Musson, Miss Carr(student Teacher), Valerie Haynes, Lesley Prince, Susan Wyckiwanouk, Paula Davis.
Front Row: Victor Dodson, Kevin Lanyon, John & peter Broughton.
Displayed Courtesy of Doreen & Trina Nicholls

The Castle magazine
In July 1950 the first Codnor Secondary Modern school magazine was introduced. It was called " The Castle" and was written and printed by the pupils at the school.
Click on the image opposite too view the magazine.


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